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The only FAR infrared sauna in the world with a patented on-board computer system for constant infrared emission. TheraSauna® uses proprietary, high glass-content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ at the proper watt/density for deep body penetration to induce profuse sweating and thereby detoxifying the human body. Solid ceramic heaters have a 96% radiant efficiency rating. Therasauna is made in the U.S.A. with the patented control system that allows for complete control and the ability to consistently reach the desired far-infrared micron level of 9.4.
  • Our patented StableHeat™ technology helps create the most constant and beneficial levels of far infrared
  • TheraSauna® is the only company to use aspen hardwood, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Our saunas utilize high glass content solid ceramic TheraMitters™ that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications to provide the best and most beneficial levels of infrared
  • Micron Power Select™ allows you to vary the infrared output from each TheraMitter™ zone and control the infrared micron range during your sauna session
  • TheraSauna® full spectrum saunas meets the electrical requirements to be ETL and CE certified in the US, Canada, and Europe.
  • TheraSauna® full spectrum saunas TheraMitters™ have very low levels of EMF, compared to the higher levels of EMF produced by saunas using less efficient carbon fiber emitter materials or metal rod emitters.
  • TheraSauna®'s parent company, QCA Spas, is the only certified American manufacturer of far infrared saunas and has been in business since 1966
Therasauna TS5753 2 Person Plus Infrared Sauna features:
  • Dimensions: 58.5" W x 50.5" D x 78" H
  • Wood: Non-toxic Aspen Wood
  • Controls: Patented MPS 7 Day Programmable Touchview Control
  • Heaters: 10 Solid Ceramic TheraMitters
  • Backrest: Ergonomic, Contoured Backrest
  • Bench: Reversible Bench (Flat & Curved)
  • Door: Smoke Glass Door with Two Side Windows and TheraSauna® Logo
  • Electrical: Plugs into 120 Volt / 20 Amp Outlet
  • Watts: 1531 watts
  • Exterior: Warm Mahogany Clear Seal Finish or Natural Aspen Finish
  • Interior: Tongue & Groove Interior
  • Light: Elegant, Dimmable Sconce Light, 60 Watt Bulb
  • System: Patented StableHeat System™
  • Vent: Ceiling Vent
  • Meets/Exceeds ETL and CE safety requirements


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Major Part O My Life

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I purchased my first Thera Sauna 10 years ago. I have used it for muscle soreness, colds and flu, arthritis, low back pain and just relaxation. I decided to check out the new saunas to see what's new and even talked to Keith who explained some of the new technology. Hesitantly, I put my sauna up for sale with my son's help. Within an hour, I had 12 hits on it and got an offer over my asking price. These buyers did their research and knew that Thera Sauna was a high quality product. I almost had seller's remorse because there was absolutely nothing wrong with my sauna and I knew it was going to provide years worth of therapy. I have ordered my new sauna and cannot wait for it to arrive. After several days of not using my sauna, my body is feeling it. The little aches and pains are back and I am not sleeping as well.

I just want to thank Keith for his time and patience explaining some of the new components of the sauna. He is truly passionate and knowledgable of the health benefits of the infrared sauna. Stephenie was awesome with any questions I had remaining. I cannot say enough about this team.

The Thera Sauna is a major part of my healthy living!

Great Customer Service!

As I mentioned to Matt, I am generally calm and low-key by nature, but this purchase has me genuinely excited.

Thanks to your company in walking me through the process, answering my questions, and helping me be comfortable that this is a good purchasing decision.

Great Product

This week, I purchased a 2-person TheraSauna. I found that the directions to assemble the sauna to be quite clear. I put the modular pieces together by myself, but I recommend that it's best to have a helper. The pieces went together very well, with a nice tight fit. The sauna was beautifully lit. The LED lights around the roof line, are very attractive. The Android controls for the sauna temperature and duration of operation are quite easy and intuitive. I enjoyed my first sauna session Thursday evening. It was very pleasant. On Saturday, my first client experienced a session. He enjoyed it immensely. He drank water before and after his session, because he knew that he would sweat a lot. He wants to add a session in the TheraSauna to his regular 2-hour massage sessions. Perfect!

Great product (TS5753) to experience and to see in my office.

Clean my body of Toxins

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my sauna. I use it often during the winter and the few times I get sick. Before I got mine I envisioned myself sitting in one soaking up the far-infrared rays. I know it is beneficial and helps me maintain my weight and helps clean my body of toxins. Thank you for building them and allowing people like me to own one. I love it.

Amazing Product

I have fibromyalgia, and my muscles always hurt - always. Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse, but they always hurt. I realized the other day that after using my new Therasauna for a few weeks, my muscles feel SO much better! The pain in my neck, arm, and back muscles has lessened greatly, and my leg muscles actually do not hurt at all! I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t in pain. I am taking it slowly, and using lower temperatures right now - 100˚ - 105˚, and my 10 - 20 minute sessions are so relaxing. I have also had sleep issues for over ten years, and I am finally starting to sleep up to three or four hours at a time. I am looking forward to being able to gradually increase the temperature and length of my sessions, so that I might reap even more benefits.

I have wanted a sauna for many years, and have done extensive research. When I finally found the Therasauna two years ago, I continued researching while I saved up, but always kept coming back. I am so thankful I waited to buy just the right one! Thank you so much for an amazing product, and stellar customer service.